Exploring Unlimited Career Opportunities in Welding

Career Opportunities in Welding
Underwater welding is one of the many opportunities to explore in a welding career. This photo shows a U.S. Navy doing an underwater welding job. (Photo Credits: Official US Navy Page cc: Some Rights Reserved)

Having a career in welding will surely help make one earn a decent livelihood. In fact, if one is to work harder, it could prove to be a rewarding career or business that will bear a range of benefits for the welder and his family.
Apart from the construction, home improvement, and manufacturing sectors, there are a lot of other industries a welder could get into. Welders, for instance, can get into the following industries:

  1. Military
  2. Transport
  3. Aeronautics
  4. Mining
  5. Energy
  6. Heavy Equipment Manufacturing
  7. Health/Medical
  8. The Arts
  9. Light Equipment Manufacturing
  10. Electronics
  11. The Academe
  12. Robotics and Computer Engineering

As such, welders are in demand in the United States and other countries. Studies in fact suggest that because of hiring migrant workers, as well as the younger generations’ lack of interest in pursuing a Skilled Trades Profession like welding, the demand for welders continue to go up.
But the opportunities in this profession are endless. A welder can explore any of the following career opportunities that are in demand in this country and abroad:

  1. Underwater Welder
  2. Welding Educator
  3. Metallurgist
  4. Researcher
  5. Materials Engineer
  6. Welding Engineer
  7. Sheet Metal Worker
  8. Welding Inspector
  9. Machine Operators
  10. Pipefitter
  11. Robotics Technician
  12. Welding Technician
  13. Business Owner
  14. Salesperson
  15. Structural Iron Worker
  16. Boilermaker

Aside from being a professional welder, a welder can also explore a career in the academe as a teacher or a trainer once he has gotten certifications, and earned the number of years of experience required to teach the vocation. For some, being able to pass on their knowledge is just as fulfilling as having a high-paying job.

Career Opportunities in Welding 1
Continuous education and learning is important if one wants to succeed in a career in welding. (Photo Credits: Clarence Risher, cc: Some Rights Reserved)

Welding is likewise a career that offers continuous learning process as trends, and new techniques are discovered. Certifications are being offered as well to open up more learning, earning, and career opportunities for the welder. Certificate courses include those that let one become any of the following:

  • Certified Welding Inspector
  • Certified Welder
  • Certified Radiographic Interpreter
  • Certified Welding Educator
  • Certified Welding Engineer
  • Certified Welding Supervisor
  • Certified Robotic Arc Welder

And since there is a shortage on welders, the salary being offered to those in the profession are very decent. In fact, welders get paid even before they finish their vocational course through paid apprenticeship programs. Now compare that to college degrees that cost much, pays at almost the same level, and may even require loans, such that the graduate cannot get to fully enjoy his salary upon graduation as he has to pay for his educational loans.
Now if one decides to pursue a career in welding, it will be great to note that he could in fact, choose a path that he will enjoy. For instance, if one loves scuba diving, the welder can definitely pursue a career in underwater welding. An interest in cellphones and gadgets, can also merit exploring a career in the consumer electronics industry. If one would like to pursue a career in engineering, a four-year course in welding engineering could lead the welder right through it.
There indeed are plenty of options in terms of exploring a career in welding, but most experienced professionals would say that for a welder to succeed, practice, as well as continuous studies should be pursued. The more experience the welder gains, the more opportunities become available to him.
The exposure he gets from the various industries he decides to work in also help much in terms of giving him the experience, expertise and skills that he will need.
In fact, welders from developing countries are in for a brighter future with the increasing worldwide demand for welders. It gives these professional and skilled welders the chance to work abroad, earn higher salaries, and for some, get to bring their families in the countries they work in. And since most developed countries provide a better quality of life for children, the whole family of the migrant worker stands to benefit from the good career choices the welder made.
And while the demand for professional skilled workers increase, analysts in developed countries fear that sooner the shortage will be badly felt, if not negatively impact their industries. The best thing to do, they say is to re-educate the youth into the benefits and advantages of pursuing skilled trades professions like welding. This, or continue hiring workers from overseas.
As for the welder himself, all he has to do is to continue learning, practicing, and exploring new trends and techniques in his industry. He should also not think twice about exploring new opportunities that abound in his line of work.
Of course safety should always be paramount in the practice of his profession. Attending safety seminars, as well as being informed about the safest ways to carry out his work could help him reach his full potential. Using a best welding helmet could be one of the wisest investments he could ever make in his career, as a great helmet will be his partner in honing his craft and in earning more experiences.