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leona richestHi everyone, it is nice to meet you, I’m Leona Richest, the owner of www.hire-exchange.com. I am an enthusiastic and happy woman who would like to share my knowledge and experience about life and professionals with everybody who visit my site. I used to work for a recruitment services and have helped many people find jobs or get on the right careers for their future.

One of the biggest choice in people’s life is they have to choose the job to earn money for life expenses. Some are lucky enough to find a job they are really into and live with it everyday. Some are not, they stuck in a job they don’t like and feel every working hours are wasted.

Even though now I am not working that job anymore I still find the enthusiasm to help developing people, give them tips and guides to become a better person or feel good everyday. If you don’t have chance to find a good consulting place or service, just visit and receive my tips and articles for free.

Thank you !

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